Blue Knot Article library

Welcome to our article library. This library has been collated from back copies of our Breaking Free newsletter. It covers many topics of interest to survivors and those who walk alongside them. Please click on the topic of interest to you from the list below and browse through the articles at your leisure.


This short article speaks about the process of building resilence and how it relates to a trauma-informed approach.

Coronavirus And Complex Trauma

This article explores the challenges of living with complex trauma during a COVID-19 pandemic and provides some strategies which may help

A Safe Place to Tell: Hope, Trust, and Meaning Lessons from the Australian Child Abuse Royal Commiss

This is a 3 part article about research with survivors about their experience with Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Understanding Emotional Neglect

Article promoting understanding of emotional neglect including strategies for recovery

No One Enjoys Going To The Dentist!

This article explores the challenges of seeking dental care for complex trauma survivors and the importance of trauma-informed dentistry

What Are The Effects Of Trauma On The Brain?

This article provides 8 steps towards recovery from complex trauma

Tips To Improve Sleep As A Self-Care Strategy

This article provides different strategies to support better sleep

How To Cope With An Increased Focus On Childhood Trauma And Abuse In The Media

This article provides tools for managing trauma stories in media

Is There A Link Between Childhood Trauma And Addiction?

This article highlights the relationship between trauma and alcohol and drug use

Understanding Trauma, Coping Strategies And Resilience

This article explores healing and resilience from trauma including intergenerational trauma and use of coping strategies

Parenting from the Inside Out – How a Deeper Self Understanding Can Help You Raise Children Wh

This is a review of book about parenting by Dan Siegel for people with trauma histories

Challenges Of Parenting With a Complex Trauma History

This article explores parenting for people with a complex trauma history.

Self-Care Resources

This article is about the importance of self-compassion as well as compassion including some strategies to support them.

Celebrating Survival, Healing And Resilience

This article highlights the importance of relationship in healing from complex trauma and in building resilience.

Identity And Belonging

This is a 2-part article which explores issues of identity and belonging for survivors.

Bushfires, Trauma And Support

This article reflects on the impacts of cumulative trauma and threat and how we can cope.

Trauma, Triggers And Flashbacks

This article provides strategies to help manage triggers, and flashbacks

In Uncertain Times….

This article reflects on the challenges of self care for people with complex trauma during COVID-19

Disability And Coronavirus

This article highlights some of the challenges faced by people with disability in times of COVID-19

Child Sexual Abuse In The Home

This article explores the dynamics of child sexual abuse in the home – the abuse of power and betrayal of trust.

Benefits Of Mindfulness For Recovery

This article provides information and strategies around mindfulness for recovery from complex trauma

Abuse, Neglect And Exploitation In The Home And Family

This article explores the importance of safety and healthy caregiving for children in the home and family.

How To Cope With Increased Media Reporting Around Sexual Assault

This article provides tools for managing trauma stories in the media.

Secondary Trauma – Being Aware Of The Possible Impacts Of Hearing About Other People’s Trauma

This article provides information about the risks of secondary trauma for people supporting survivors on their journey of recovery