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Along Came A Spider




Along Came A Spider

Child abuse survivors’ stories of the journey from trauma to triumph

Neil Atkinson

In so many ways, although personal accounts are at times difficult to read, this is a book celebrating the victory of the human spirit over personal tragedy. It is not a book of tears and sad stories, but inspiring lives where you cheer for sexual abuse survivors who show the way with courage to rebuild their lives and not let their experiences frame or shame them.’ – Dr Darlene Barriere, Trauma and Child Abuse Counsellor and Psychologist

In this confronting collection by victims of child sexual abuse, you will read not only of their horrific experiences as children, but also of their lifetime of living with the consequences and after-effects of that abuse.

There has been silence for too long, and these stories, uncomfortable though they may be to read, should be hidden no longer. The contributors need a voice. They come from various backgrounds: white, Asian, Indigenous, Jewish – male and female, straight and gay.

It is important that their individual stories are told, and we honour their courage in giving their accounts to show the world that the scourge of child sexual abuse must be brought to light, and hopefully help our society to no longer allow it to be hidden or suppressed.

The aim of this book is to to encourage other victims to seek help and redress; also useful for healers and therapists of child sex abuse survivors and other traumatised people.

‘There is a need to hear these stories, to know what did happen and what is still happening. A need to not bury our heads and say “it won’t happen to me” or “I will never let that happen to MY kid.”’ – Lauren White

About the author: Deeply scarred emotionally by childhood experiences, Neil Atkinson found his calling, to help and heal. He is a supporter of Indigenous land rights and is against all forms of racial discrimination. His previous book “The Last Wild West” described his experiences in the Northern Territory.

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