Remember Us in Your Will

Help survivors heal

Remembering us in your Will is a way in which you can help to create lasting change. Your gift, big or small will help Blue Knot to empower recovery for more people living with the effects of complex trauma. You will be changing lives into the future. You will be helping survivors to heal.

Thank you for thinking of Blue Knot Foundation. Here are some thoughts as to how you might remember us in your will.

It is possible to give almost any kind of asset through a bequest, including a specific sum of money, a particular asset (including securities, property and tangible assets), a percentage of your total estate, or a percentage of the residue of your estate.

Below is a sample of wording for your Will should you decide to make a bequest (please discuss this with your legal advisor).

“I __________________give, devise and bequeath unto Blue Knot Foundation (ABN 49 072 260 005) for its general purposes free of all duties, the following: (whichever is applicable)

  • The sum of $_________
  • ______________% of my estate or the residue of my estate
  • Life Insurance Policy number_________
  • Property (details)_____________
  • Other (details)_______________

and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other Proper Officer of Blue Knot Foundation for the time being thereof shall be sufficient discharge to my [Executor/Trustee] for the bequest.”

It is always best to consult with a lawyer before making your Will or codicil.

If you want to leave a bequest to Blue Knot Foundation, please do let us know. That’s because we want to thank you first and foremost. It would also be good to speak with you to discuss your wishes around you would like us to use your future gift. To discuss your thoughts around leaving a bequest please email [email protected] or call 02 8920 3611. Thank you for helping survivors to heal.

Email the Executive Team to discuss your possible Bequest02 8920 3611

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