Blue Knot Day

Blue Knot Day is an Australian national day on which Blue Knot Foundation calls on all Australians to unite in support of the more than 5 million Australian adults who have experienced complex trauma.

Blue Knot Day is held every year in October. Blue Knot Day 2021 will be held on Thursday October 28th. Events will be held around the country in support of adult survivors during the week from Monday October 24th – Sunday October 31st.  Blue Knot Day 2022 will be held on Thursday 27th October 2022.

Blue Knot Day is day for all Australians to unite in support of adult survivors of complex trauma. By empowering recovery, we also foster hope and resilience.

The tangled knot in Blue Knot’s logo symbolises the tangle of complex trauma while the blue in the logo represents to sky. A clear blue sky opens up the space for new possibilities for healing and recovery.

Together we can untangle the knot of complex trauma. Together we can help survivors heal.

Blue Knot Day 2021

A big part of Blue Knot’s mission is building awareness across the community about what it means to be trauma-informed. The vision of a trauma-informed community that enables healing in which survivors are supported and understood is what drives us, and what inspired our theme for Blue Knot Day for 2021. The theme – Building a Trauma-Informed Community allowed us to share what this means for everyone affected by complex trauma – those impacted by it and those supporting them.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and for all your encouragement. If you didn’t get to watch our videos on Blue Knot Day or would like to watch them again, please do go to our dedicated playlist on our YouTube channel. You can also watch our other videos from last year’s festival of healing.

Check out the videos from Blue Knot Day 2021 here!

Blue Knot Day 2022

Date: Thursday 27th October 2022

How to Get Involved

If you intend to  hold an event or fundraise in support of Blue Knot  for Blue Knot Day, please visit our hold an event and fundraise page, read our Event and Fundraising Kit and complete our online Fundraising and Event Application form.

Here are just some ways to get involved and show your support.

  • Hold an event in your workplace or community
  • Share awareness through social media
  • Purchase Blue Knot  merchandise
  • Fundraise on behalf of Blue Knot Foundation
  • Make a one-off or recurring donation

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Event and Fundraising Kit

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