Blue Knot Day - National Awareness Day

Over 5 million adult Australians are impacted by and living with the effects of abuse, neglect, violence and/or exploitation experienced as a child, young person, adult or throughout the lifespan.

Wear a Blue Knot to help raise awareness and show that you support us in building our trauma-informed community.

Blue Knot Day
Thursday 26th October 2023

What is Blue Knot Day?

Blue Knot Day is an Australian National Day on which Blue Knot Foundation calls on all Australians to unite in support of the more than 5 million Australian adults who have experienced complex trauma. Blue Knot Day is held on the last Thursday of October each year, and this year will be held on Thursday 26th October 2023.


What is Complex Trauma and why is it important to understand the impact?

Complex trauma refers to repeated ongoing interpersonal trauma and can include abuse, neglect, violence and/or exploitation. It can be experienced during childhood, but also in adulthood, or throughout a person’s lifespan.

Complex trauma, especially from childhood often has multiple impacts including low self-esteem, difficulties with relationships, completing an education, holding down a job, and challenges with mental and physical health. With so many adult Australians impacted, chances are either you or someone you know has been directly affected and has been left trying to manage the ongoing impacts of their trauma on a daily basis. When communities are more trauma-informed and show their support, survivors receive greater understanding and compassion to support their recovery.

How You Can Get Involved and Show Your Support

This Blue Knot Day we are asking you to show your support by wearing a Blue Knot to help raise awareness, and show you are part of our trauma-informed community. Here’s how you can get involved:

– Wear a blue knot and show you are part of our trauma-informed community.

– Get creative and make your own blue knot to wear. 

– You can also purchase a blue knot pin or blue knot bracelet from the online Blue Knot shop. All proceeds help Blue Knot in its work in supporting survivors of complex trauma. 

– Hold an event, help raise funds, and share Blue Knot Day resources to help educate the community about being trauma-informed, and build our trauma-informed community.

– Make a donation to help us support more adult survivors of complex trauma

– Share our pre-prepared social tiles which can be downloaded

– And most importantly, show your support, share images of you wearing your blue knot across social media using our hashtags: #BlueKnotDay #BlueKnotFoundation to help spread the message as far as possible.

– Follow our social media channels by clicking the links below:





Webinar: Understanding Complex Trauma and Strategies to Support Yourself

This webinar will provide information about the different types of trauma and gives an understanding of complex trauma. It provides information about the need for both physical and emotional safety and this looks different for each person. There is also a focus on the body and brain and how these are impacted by complex trauma, and subsequently, how we function in the world because of trauma experiences. There are some techniques to support regulation and self-care. This webinar is educational. It is not a therapeutic group; it focuses on safety, self-care and support.

Date and Time: Thursday 26 October 2023, 12pm to 1pm AEDT


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Fact Sheet: Understanding Trauma, Complex Trauma and Childhood Trauma

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Fact Sheet: Towards Recovery for Adult Survivors of Complex Trauma

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Fact Sheet: Supporting Recovery – for People Supporting Adult Survivors of Complex Trauma

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