Blue Knot Day

Blue Knot Day is an Australian national day on which Blue Knot Foundation calls on all Australians to unite in support of the more than 5 million Australian adults who have experienced complex trauma.

Blue Knot Day is held every year in October. Blue Knot Day 2021 will be held on Thursday October 28th. Events will be held around the country in support of adult survivors during the week from Monday October 24th – Sunday October 31st.

Blue Knot Day is day for all Australians to unite in support of adult survivors of complex trauma. By empowering recovery, we also foster hope and resilience.

The tangled knot in Blue Knot’s logo symbolises the tangle of complex trauma while the blue in the logo represents to sky. A clear blue sky opens up the space for new possibilities for healing and recovery.

Together we can untangle the knot of complex trauma. Together we can help survivors heal.

Blue Knot Day 2021

A big part of Blue Knot’s mission is building awareness across the community about what it means to be trauma-informed. The vision of a trauma-informed community that enables healing in which survivors are supported and understood is what drives us, and what inspired our theme for Blue Knot Day this year. The theme – Building a Trauma-Informed Community allows us to share what this means for everyone affected by complex trauma – those impacted by it and those supporting them. We are delighted to share this year’s program, and hope you find something that inspires, informs and educates as we look to build a trauma-informed community together.

How to get involved:

  • Simply go to our Facebook page on the day to view each event at the allocated time.  Webinars are hosted via zoom and require you to pre-register to take part. There are limited places, so if these webinars appeal to you we encourage you to book asap.
  • Share our posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram in the lead-up and on the day across your own social media network.  This will help spread the word and reach as many people as possible as we look to build a trauma-informed community.
  • On the day share your thoughts on what a trauma-informed community means to you.
  • When sharing on social media use the hashtags #BlueKnotDay #MentalHealth #TraumaInformedCommunity.

Blue Knot Day - Program

Join us on Facebook for the sessions that are of interest to you (this excludes webinars  which will be held on zoom and require pre-booking)

8.45 am – Introduction and Welcome to Blue Knot Day
Dr Cathy Kezelman welcomes us all to Blue Knot Day, and introduces Minister Ruston to officially launch the day along with new Blue Knot Guidelines and Plain English Guide for Trauma-Informed Practice for the disability sector

9.00 am – What is a Trauma-Informed Community?
Hear Blue Knot Ambassadors, facilitators, counsellors and friends of Blue Knot share their reflections about what a trauma-informed community means to them

9.20 am – Building a Trauma-Informed Community
Louise shares insights from her own healing journey, training and study and how they have informed her work and her advocacy around building a trauma-informed world.

10.00 am – Webinar 1 – Understanding Complex Trauma and Strategies to Support Yourself
This webinar focuses on foundational knowledge of complex trauma and different strategies to support yourself (this webinar is conducted on zoom and pre-registration is required – see booking details below)

11.00 am – Meditation with Natascha
Join us for a gentle meditation to help centre your mind and spirit

11.30 am – Celeste’s Story of Recovery
Celeste reflects on her process of recovery, and her vision and advocacy for a trauma-informed justice system

12.00 pm – Using Clay Creatively to Support our Wellbeing
Explore a creative way to support wellbeing by using different types of clay. This session will explore how we can use clay to calm the nervous system.

12.45 pm – Trauma-Informed Aquatics
Janine a counsellor, is passionate about all things aquatic. She talks about the nurturing properties of water while highlighting the need for trauma-informed principles to be embedded into swimming coaching.

1.30 pm – Robert’s Story of Recovery
Robert speaks with Neta about his time in and out of the prison system, and how the counselling support he has received from the National Counselling and Referral Service team has changed his life.

2.00 pm – Webinar 2 – Exploring How to Build a Trauma-Informed Community
This webinar unpacks how we can contribute towards becoming a more trauma-informed community. (this webinar is conducted on zoom and pre-registration is required – see booking details below)

3.00 pm – Andrew’s Story of Recovery
Andrew speaks about his journey of recovery and what’s helped him along the way, including the use of humour as a coping mechanism

3.30 pm – Trauma-Informed Yoga with Shirley
Join us for a trauma-informed yoga session with Shirley

4.00 pm – Trauma-Informed Approach to Redress
Louise speaks with Helen about the difference a trauma-informed approach can make to the Redress process.

4.30 pm – Meditation with Natascha
Join Natascha for an afternoon meditation to close the day.

5.00 pm – Close
Tamara closes with some reflections from the day.

Blue Knot Day Webinars

Understanding Complex Trauma and Strategies to Support Yourself

A one-hour webinar that focuses on foundational knowledge about complex trauma for those who have had trauma experiences. Build on your current understanding of trauma and its impacts and explore different strategies to support your sense of self.

• Learn more about the types of trauma and their possible impacts
• Understand how trauma affects the brain and the body
• Learn how to identify triggers and strategies to manage them
• Explore ways to engage in self-care and enhance a felt sense of safety.

28-Oct-2021 10:00am – 11:00am AEDT (or NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS local time)
Register at

Register for Understanding Complex Trauma and Strategies to Support Yourself

Exploring how to build a trauma informed community – Caring for Others

A one-hour webinar that unpacks how we can contribute to becoming a more trauma informed community. Learn more about the trauma-informed principles and how you can support others who may be living with the impacts of complex trauma.

  • Discuss the elements of building our capacity to be trauma-informed
  • Learn more about the impacts of caring for others and vicarious resilience
  • Reflect on how to embody the trauma-informed principles in everyday life
  • Consider how we can contribute to building a trauma-informed community.

28-Oct-2021 2:00pm-3pm AEDT (or NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS local time)
Register at

Register for Exploring how to build a trauma informed community – Caring for Others

How to Get Involved

If you intend to  hold an event or fundraise in support of Blue Knot  for Blue Knot Day, please visit our hold an event and fundraise page, read our Event and Fundraising Kit and complete our online Fundraising and Event Application form.

Here are just some ways to get involved and show your support.

  • Hold an event in your workplace or community
  • Share awareness through social media
  • Purchase Blue Knot  merchandise
  • Fundraise on behalf of Blue Knot Foundation
  • Make a one-off or recurring donation

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