If you or someone you care about has experienced complex trauma and it is still affecting you, we are here to help. Many people find learning and understanding more about what happened, the possible effects, and pathways to healing, helpful. This section of the website has a lot of useful information and resources.

People with experiences of complex trauma, as well as people who work with them and support them have contributed to developing this information and resources. We have also included insights from current research and best practice. Whether you’re a survivor, a supporter of a survivor or a member of the public we hope that you find what you need here.

If you are a professional or you work with survivors, you may also be interested in our Professional Community.

Professional Community

February Community Webinar

Building Awareness and Connection with the Body

This webinar explores the ways we can start to safely connect to our bodies when experiencing the impacts of living or lived experience of complex trauma. Each person has agency over their own wellbeing, as well as internal resources that can be developed and drawn upon when feeling overwhelmed. This can support our capacity to regulate and co-regulate with others when needed.

Join us in February for this free webinar to build or re-engage resources to support you for the year ahead.

8 February 2024 – 12pm-1pm AEDT

*Please note this webinar is not recorded

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Understanding Trauma and Abuse

Understanding Trauma and Abuse

Coping Strategies, Impacts and Healing

Coping Strategies, Impacts and Healing

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This work is just so incredibly important! Thank you for the many ways you have raised consciousness and been a part of facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and skills to help prevent and address the impact of child abuse.

PsychologistJeannnie Higgins

I have used the Blue Knot Foundation fact sheets in counselling and have handed them out to my patients. I was able to really develop more of an understanding of how patients were feeling, and became more thoughtful.

I think it is a brilliant website. I cannot tell you how important it was for me to watch the videos in particular and hear firsthand stories about how childhood abuse has affected those who were brave enough to share their stories. Because of these wonderful people, I am now more open to sharing my own experiences, and hopefully educating those who have never been affected by abuse.

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful website and access to resources.
I am a GP and have just had a few weeks of patients disclosing various things and have been looking for resources for them and their families and for me! I was impressed by the thoughtfulness and depth of information, factsheets and resources