Blue Knot Foundation has developed a number of videos over the years which focus on different audiences, different initiatives and different topics. Please click on the relevant sections and video links to view the videos of interest to you. We hope you find them informative and supportive.

Recovery for Survivors and Supporting Recovery

Blue Knot Foundation has developed short videos with funding from Federal Department of Health.

There are five videos in the series, the two videos here are for survivors and supporters. You will find the other three on our Professional Community.

Given the prevalence of trauma and its effects, it is important for people to be informed about trauma and how best to support people who may have experienced it, particularly complex trauma related to trauma and abuse in childhood.

Towards Recovery

A video for survivors

Supporting Recovery

A video for partners, family and loved ones

Blue Knot Foundation would like to thank everyone who contributed to these videos, from survivors who courageously spoke to provide hope for others, to those who work with survivors supporting their recovery journeys in various capacities and our production team. The videos are supported by the extensive additional resources including fact sheets and information on this site.

1 in 4 Campaign

This video highlights a social statistic that everyone should be aware of. It was a part of Blue Knot Foundation’s 1 in 4 campaign that aimed to raise awareness of the high prevalence of adults who have experienced childhood trauma and abuse. Thank you to Matterhorn and your partners

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