Who We Are

Who is the Blue Knot Foundation?

We are the National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma. That means that we advocate for and provide support to people who have experiences of complex trauma, and those who support them, personally and professionally.

What is complex trauma?

Complex trauma includes lots of different often damaging experiences. It also refers to the effects of those experiences. The experiences can occur at any age – in childhood, as a young person, in adulthood and into old age. Examples include violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation or growing up without a person who is able to care for, understand and protect you. Many people experience them repeatedly or over time. The good news is that people can and do recover from the impacts of complex trauma. Many people also develop remarkable resilience and grow beyond their trauma experiences.

Our Vision:

To reach the more than 1 in 4 adult Australians impacted by complex trauma

Our Mission:

Empowering adults to recover and build resilience from complex trauma

Our Values:

Values showing hope, recovery, professionalism, empowerment, collaboration and care


As human beings we all have our hopes and dreams, even if they are buried deep. Hope is a value which Blue Knot holds dear and which sometimes we hold for people, who at that time are unable to hold onto hope for themselves.


Recovery means different things to different people and depends on where each person comes from and what they have experienced. Blue Knot embraces the knowledge that healing is absolutely possible and does what it can to support people along their own healing journey.


Social connection and acceptance are core needs for us all. That’s why Blue Knot enacts this trauma-informed principle in the way we connect with each person and work with them, sharing power and fostering each person’s voice and choice. 


A trauma-informed world is one in which people care for one another with empathy, compassion and understanding. Blue Knot works to care for each person as the unique individual we each are, embracing differences, helping them to feel safe and supporting their health, their wellbeing and path to recovery.


Many people who have been harmed in relationship with others have been disempowered and are left blaming themselves and feeling low. Our goal is to support each person with the respect and dignity we all need and deserve to find their own sense of self-worth and agency.


Blue Knot aspires to delivering services which are of a consistently high quality, and which efficiently, effectively, safely and compassionately meet the needs of each person seeking our support, as best we can. 

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