Event or Fundraising Application

Registration form for an event or fundraising in support of Blue Knot Foundation including Blue Knot Day (This excludes third party fundraising sites e.g. Just Giving)

You must complete the application below if you would like to fundraise or hold an event on behalf of Blue Knot Foundation including Blue Knot Day.

All events and fundraisers need to be approved by Blue Knot Foundation prior to proceeding.

Blue Knot Event and Fundraising Kit

Event and fundraising application 

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Tell us about your proposed event and/or fundraising

(Please refer to the Fundraising Kit regarding promoting your event)

As you have answered 'Yes' to PL insurance, please forward a copy of the Public Liability insurance cover note to [email protected] at least 14 days prior to the start of the Event.

Please read the Terms below, and indicate your agreement by selecting Yes from the drop down and then submit your event/fundraising proposal.

You cannot submit this application, unless you agree to the terms..
  • I confirm I have read and understood the Fundraising Kit and will abide by all of the requirements in them at all times.
  • I confirm all the information provided in this form is accurate and does not contravene any intellectual property rights, copyright or other laws.
  • I agree that all personal and sensitive information associated with the proposed event will be handled in accordance with all relevant privacy legislation. (Please note that the details you provide will only be used for correspondence and/or media opportunities).
  • I confirm that the proposed Event complies with all relevant legislative and local government requirements, including all appropriate permits, licenses and insurance necessary in the state/territory where the event is to be held. It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to ensure adequate public liability insurance cover is held in relation to the Event.
  • I confirm that I will not exploit the position as the Event’s Organiser and/or the association with Blue Knot Foundation for personal gain.
  • I confirm that as the Event Organiser, I release Blue Knot Foundation from any liability for any injury, accident or other loss, whether physical or financial, suffered by the Organiser or its personnel while conducting the Event.
  • I confirm that fundraising costs for this fundraising event will not exceed a 30% expense ratio and ideally will be between 10-15% i.e. no more than $10-$15 for every $100 raised.
  • I consent that any photos I provide from the event can be used to promote any work and activities of Blue Knot Foundation for no monetary claim. I agree that I will secure permission from every person in the photos for their use by Blue Knot Foundation in communications and promotion.
  • I confirm that by submitting this form, I am acting on behalf of, and with the authority and power to bind those individuals and companies conducting the Event.

By submitting this form, you accept that your personal data will be managed in line with our Privacy Policy