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Focus On Men’s Wellbeing






Living Well is based in South East Queensland and works to support men who have been sexually abused. The website features a collection of stories, ideas and resources – they bring together men’s experiences, accounts of justice, thoughts, affirmations and inspirations. There is also a self-assessment tool, that some people may find useful alongside ideas for support and links to other useful sites, books and videos.

You can access a 60 page booklet by free download: “Living Well; A Guide For Men”.

Counsellors on the Blue Knot Helpline have shared this website with men and found it is also useful for women, partners, families, and anyone looking for a well-laid out interesting site. One story on the website was by John who was sexually abused by his older brother. Memories taunted John, impacting him severely and negatively affecting his life and wellbeing. Some 30 years after the abuse he was supported by his local police to press charges against his brother and justice was finally delivered.

An App is also available for free download from your app store, at

The app has some useful sections for men sexually abused in childhood, their partners, family members, friends and health care professionals.

The Relaxation Section provides a series of short, focused routines, which you can read through or listen to, through audible guides. They are designed to help you slow down your breathing and relax when you are tense.

There is also a Mindfulness section, focused on relaxing, while paying attention to things about yourself and your environment. Regular practice can increase your awareness and enhance your sense of control and choice.

Time 2 Breathe is an added tool in the app. It helps you set your number of breaths per minute. A little beep, chime or vibrating can be used to help you simply breathe for 2 minutes. This can be useful if you are feeling anxious, or stressed as focusing on your breath for the 2 minutes can help you settle.

The app also provides a number of simple tips to support your physical well being – eating, sleeping and exercising. You can set up reminders so the app supports you throughout the day and personalize different elements to suit your needs.

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