Blue Knot Helpline Client Survey

Helpline Survey

We would like to hear from you...

We are reaching out to our Blue Knot Community, and in particular those that have utilised our Blue Knot Helpline for counselling and support.

We are conducting a short survey, and if you have contacted our Helpline at any time since 2020 we would greatly appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

We received some invaluable feedback in our last survey and have been working on improvements to our service and we want to hear how we are doing.  Whether you completed the survey last time, or are completing it for the first time, your feedback is valuable to us and supports us to provide the best service we can for our community.

The survey includes 15 short questions, including both Yes/No and scaling questions, as well as spaces for your written feedback. Please note that not all questions are mandatory, so feel free to answer only those that you feel comfortable with.

Should you need to, you can take a break from the survey by minimising the window and completing it at a later time.

We place great importance on your privacy and guarantee all responses will be treated with confidentiality and anonymity. The feedback gathered from the survey will be used solely to inform how we can improve our service to you and others across the community.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts. Please click the button below, or use the QR code to start the survey.

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