Our Team

Our team is a passionate and committed group of professionals who share a vision for a trauma-informed work in which everyone with experiences of complex trauma can and do heal.
While our vision is shared, we each bring our own individuality and diverse perspectives along. We are an inclusive team, which values innovation and creativity alongside collaboration and mutual support to help us deliver on our mission every day.

Our Counsellors

Providing a safe space in which callers feel heard and understood is bottom line for our counselling teams. To us it is not about the particular qualification a counsellor has or whether they’re a social worker or psychologist but it is about the capacity to deeply listen to each caller, and meet the person in the moment, with empathy and compassion. And  having a fundamental belief in the strength of the human spirit and capacity to heal with the right support.

Our Training, Practice and Organisational Change Team

Blue Knot strongly believes in the vision for a trauma-informed world and this team goes about helping to build that world every single day. From responding to training enquiries, to setting up reflective practice sessions, to delivering webinars, or working on your organisation’s plan for change every activity focusses on creating more stepping stones to a trauma-informed world. Change happens slowly but with commitment and the right tools, together we can achieve a lot, and our training, practice and organisational change team does just that.

Our Engine Room Team

There are many people who make up the Blue Knot team. From marketing, to fundraising, to HR, ops, admin, IT and accounting, every role is just as important as any other. It’s about how we work together, how we make our systems hum, and how we continue to build and grow our Blue Knot community.

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Our People