If you are supporting a family member, friend, partner or someone you care about to recover from child abuse or trauma, the ‘Supporting Recovery for friends and family’ fact sheet can help you. It can help you understand what happened to the person who is traumatised, how it affected them, how they coped and what you can do to support them.

The fact sheet includes the voices of survivors, supporters and professionals. It provides information based on the latest research. This information provides insight into the challenges and opportunities of supporting a survivor. It highlights the importance of trusting relationships in recovery. If you are supporting a survivor, as a family member or friends, your relationship with them is critical.

The ‘Applying Trauma-Informed Principles to Conversations about Trauma’ fact sheet has been designed to help friends and family members to better support the survivor in their lives. It presents the principles of being trauma informed: safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment. These principles provide a good framework to support healthy healing relationships. It shows the importance of hope and optimism around healing, as well as that of self-care for all. This fact sheet is one of a suite of resources to support supporters of survivors.

Fact sheets:

Applying Trauma-Informed
Principals to Conversations
About Trauma

Supporting Recovery: Blue Knot Foundation Factsheet for Friends and Family of People who have experienced Childhood Trauma (Including Abuse)

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