Sharing ‘Emma’s Project’

Emma's Project

Four years ago, Emma approached Australian Childhood Foundation because she wanted her story of survival to change the ways that children and young people are protected from child sexual abuse.

Now 22 years old, Emma partnered with ACF in an effort to integrate the wisdom and views of people with lived experience of child sexual abuse into the development of freely available resources and training materials that will galvanise and inform the Australian community. They will involve a strong call to action for everyone with children in their lives to make children’s safety from sexual abuse an ongoing and critical priority.  

Listen to Emma explain her reasons for leading the project with ACF.

Blue Knot is honoured to share a pivotal project launched recently by the Australian Childhood Foundation. Called ‘Emma’s Project’, and Emma’s initiative it seeks the input and insights of the lived expertise of adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Its goal is to help children be safer and better protect them from abuse in the future.

To find out more about Emma’s Project and how you can get involved go to:

You can take part in an anonymous and confidential survey (if you are over 18 years of age), share details of the project with colleagues or friends, or register to stay informed about the project. Thank you for supporting Emma’s Project and contributing to ways to keep children safer from harm.

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