Fact sheets, fact sheets and more fact sheets!

Woman reading a book

Blue Knot has expanded its suite of fact sheets to include more information on more topics for more people from different audiences. 

If you, or someone you care about or support, has experienced complex trauma or trauma in childhood, we have lots of fact sheets just for you. They can all be downloaded for free so you can refer to them whenever you want.  

“I have used the Blue Knot Foundation fact sheets in counselling and have handed them out to my patients. I was able to really develop more of an understanding of how patients were feeling, and became more thoughtful.”

“The fact sheets are a brilliant introduction, sometimes I feel like printing off a whole stack and just dropping them around the community because I wish everyone knew this stuff!”

We also now have fact sheets in Plain English and Easy Read versions to make the information accessible to people with language or communication barriers. We also have translated a range of fact sheets in different languages – Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese, Arabic and Italian.

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